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Joule Africa

Joule Africa is a developer owner-operator of sustainable power projects across Africa, with offices in Freetown, Yaounde and London.

In addition to developing the 143 MW Bumbuna II hydro-project in Sierra Leone, Joule Africa is also developing Kpep, a 485 MW hydro-project in Cameroon, while considering various options, including other technologies, for a third project. The ambition is to have 1 GW under development through these three projects.

Joule Africa puts sustainable development and transparency at the heart of its business practice. The company works closely with all of its stakeholders to create infrastructure assets that will generate long-term value and is dedicated to working closely with governments to help deliver projects that complement existing plans for social and economic development.

Joule Africa’s senior team includes experienced power and infrastructure professionals, with a successful track record in building, owning and operating over 20 GW of power projects across emerging markets.

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